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Every word of this, basically.

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One thing I think nobody in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s could have anticipated, was the extent to which the popular science fiction and fantasy products of that era would continue to be dominant well past the turn of the new century. Certainly there was no indication, when the original Star Trek limped through the end of its third season, that the franchise — there was no franchise at that stage — would spawn numerous successful spinoff TV series, over a dozen full-length motion pictures, any number of comic book adaptations, and well over one hundred novels; both original stories, and novelizations of films and TV episodes. Roughly one decade later, Star Wars revolutionized movie-making, and turned science fiction into a common household commodity. Battlestar Galactica — derided by critics as a Star Wars ripoff — earned so much fan loyalty in syndication, that one generation later it was revived…

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One thought on “A matter of canon


    Your right to be you includes my right TO BE FREE FROM YOU!

    Let me say that again:

    Your right to be you includes my right TO BE FREE FROM YOU!

    I am not married to these idiots that are actively participating in the suicide of the west, and the suicide of Judeo-Christian based Western Culture, and neither are you.

    Just because we live in the same country does not mean that We are married to them or to their madness.

    The great deception that exists is that because we all live in the same country we are forced to join them in the suicide that they are determined to commit.

    Those who understand these truths need to divorce themselves from those that are dragging the culture into a suicide pact with hell.

    The left has determined to bath our society in whatever filth that they feel will end up destroying the impact of Western Judeo-Christian Culture on the world around it.


    The left despises the effect of Western Culture on the rest of humanity which has been, “equality, and equal access to every thing that used to only be available to the most wealthy and elitist members of society.”

    Nothing has angered the elitist left more than the loss of the special privileges formerly only reserved for the elitist “blue bloods,” and most wealthy members of society.

    These elitist leftists despise the fact that no longer are they the only ones who can avail themselves to the finest of foods, best of houses and cars, and ease of transportation, such as cheap flights around the country and the world.

    They hate the fact that the Judeo-Christian ethic in Western Culture has produced an equality which is based on shared prosperity founded in Biblical Capitalism, verses the shared poverty based on a system where the elitist have everything and the rest of humanity grovels in the dust.

    Take a long look at their participation in the advancement of everything that can be related to the destruction of the system of values found in a Judeo-Christian Culture and see that they promote each and everything that they feel can result in the destruction of that culture from homosexuality to socialism/Marxism.

    They promote these public acts of cultural suicide knowing that if they can destroy the society based on the Judeo-Christian Culture then they feel that they can restore the old Mid-evil order of elitist ruling over the “unwashed” masses.

    Whether our culture be replaced with a society like the ones that reigned in “Feudal European Society” days; or by a socialist/Marxist state like China, North Korea, or Cuba; they know that the elitist in those societies will always have pre eminence, and the only access to the trappings of the wealthy. They hate this Judeo-Christian Culture which end up creating a shared prosperity that can ONLY be seen in areas governed by a Judeo-Christian Biblically based capitalism.

    Thus, they hate both the loss of the opportunity to be the ONLY ones to have those trappings, and they hate the culture which has created this equality.

    To them the suicide of the West does not include self destruction; but only the destruction of the society around them, all the while hoping for things to end up with them in charge and restored to their former position as the elite.

    In our culture of a Judeo-Christian based Democratic Republic, equality of both opportunity and access, is the standard, not the exception.

    We absolutely need to grasp and understand that this is the main driving force behind people like the Pelosi, Reid, the Obamas, Clintons, and the Castro’s of this world (All which are multi millionaires, Castro being a multi billionaire).

    We need to identify these people, understand their motivation, isolate them, and divorce ourselves from them; even if it takes states seceding from the union in order to at least partially restore the republic, or to keep it alive somewhere on these sacred blood drenched grounds.

    We need to first understand that their suicide is merely an attempt to destroy the rest of us and elevate themselves.

    The time to act in our own national behalf is now; and I would say, now, or never, before it is too late.


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