Does Every British Rock Star Have to Be a Knight?

I like the fact that they’re thinking of naming one of the new heavy metallic elements after Lemmy Kilmister. Science should be pop-cultural whenever possible.

I don’t like this sentiment, expressed in the article:

Speaking of why he started the petition, Wright said: “In terms of record sales impact, Lemmy should have been offered an honour but he didn’t play that game. I don’t think there was ever much chance of Sir Lemmy Kilmister so this feels like a tribute that has a permanence to it that acknowledges and represents his impact.”

Grah. This is all Jagger’s fault. A knighthood isn’t something you get handed to you after X number of units shipped. A knighthood means your life and actions have been of service to the realm and valued by the monarch. As much we all might dig laying the foundation for thrash metal, I don’t think this is a chip that needs to be on anyone’s shoulder.


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