Moral Majority 2.0 – Brad Torgersen

The Return of Church Lady. Especially valid in the wake of Twitters #GloriousTruthandSafteySoviet

According To Hoyt

Moral Majority 2.0 – Brad Torgersen

Let’s talk about original sin, shall we?

In the beginning, there was Adam, and there was Eve. And they partook of the forbidden fruit, and were cast out of the Garden. Thus becoming mortal, and knowing the difference between good and evil. Their lives became short, and painful. And so too were the lives of their children made short, and painful. The sin of the father (Adam) was passed to all of his descendants. None were clean, because all were born into a fallen state — never knowing a day without the stain of sin.

It’s interesting to me that our (increasingly secular) society — averse to fables from monotheistic scripture — has nevertheless re-invented this particular thing. Something about original sin obviously grabs our collective attention, deep down in our psychological bones. We may declare God to be a myth, and renounce all…

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One thought on “Moral Majority 2.0 – Brad Torgersen

  1. I have a great book for your seniors to have to read if one can get it thru the powers that be EVE by Wm. Paul Young. Either way you should read it. Powerful. Despite the ending…
    The civilizing of children is never easy. But the comments on this blog make me want to weep for the trusting.


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