“I Don’t Work for the G-d-Damn GOP”

Jonah Goldberg, explaining why he’s not voting Trump.

This is what I’ve been saying to myself for the last month or so. I don’t owe the GOP my vote. They don’t own my franchise, I do. I not only have the right, I have the duty as a citizen not to give my legal assent to something that displeases me. And if Hillary wins, so goddamn be it. But I live in a state that hasn’t given it’s EC votes to a Republican since I was 8 years old. There is no purpose to me holding my nose for the Great Orange Hope.

And it must be pointed out that for all their gleeful trollery, the alt-right crowd has a point. What the hell has the conservative movement conserved? What the hell has the GOP actually accomplished when they’ve been given the keys? I mean, aside from holding firm on the Second Amendment, which is really the one area of successful pushback we’ve had in the last several decades.

I’m tired of the charade of voting these clowns in, so they can find the most strategic way to only hold the left to half of what it wants, for now. I’m tired of them railroading the actual, committed conservatives so they can elect another Bush scion or sellout. Trump is what they deserve for playing that game too long.

Frankly, the GOP can go screw itself with an endive fork.

Read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on ““I Don’t Work for the G-d-Damn GOP”

  1. It is good you know that you own your soul. I have severe reservations about friend Trump but I heartily disagree that Hillary is something to be sneezed at and endured like a very wet spring. Its not her its the people she’ll bring with her. And let’s not forget the courts.

  2. So I went over to National Review to see what JG was saying in the wake of Mr Comey’s oratorical performance. He writes here that Hillary Clinton is walking poison (poetic licence taken there, by me) and manages to lay down several hundred words with only a couple of oblique references to her presidential aspirations. At the end of the piece a link to a story that mockingly posits Gingrich as VP to Trump.
    I think Jonah will be staying home on that Tuesday in November. Should the worst come to the worst, expect a lot of ‘Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for her.’


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