Quick Review: Fyre Fraud

The Hulu documentary is a hoot. It’s more about the lie, the huckstering, Billy McFarland as the Incompetent P.T. Barnum of the time. The Netflix doc was more about How Not to Put On A Music Festival. This is about how people got suckered into believing something that was not physically possible.

All from the power of our mobile devices to distort reality.

A lot of balderdash about Millennials, which misses the point. Bad music festivals have happened in the past. No one died at Fyre, but at least at Altamont The Rolling Stones actually showed up and played. This Festival existed only in the creators’ mind. It was fairy dust. The belief that Instagram could force reality to conform to it comes from the age we live in. Con artists are always with us, but the cons are flooding at our eyes, all day every day.

One thought on “Quick Review: Fyre Fraud


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