New Shallow & Pedantic Podcast: Brust & Leiber

The Last Unicron, Part 2 Shallow & Pedantic

The continuation of our Transformers discussion and some shameless shilling of the Latest edition of Unnamed Journal. Of course, if you're a Patron, you already have that.
  1. The Last Unicron, Part 2
  2. The Last Unicron, Part 1
  3. Neil Gaiman is Just This Guy, Man
  4. Funny, He Doesn't Look Souix-ish
  5. Cannon Films is Cursed

As you can see from the episode list, this is our longest episode to date. We ramble along quite nicely, thanks to some excellent porter, and give Stephen Brust and Fritz Leiber some shout-outs for being creative, witty worldbuilders and writers. We’re also up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer, and YouTube, with iHeartRadio pending.


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