The Internet is Filled With Writing Gurus Who Want Your Money

I sometimes thing that the only profitable part of self-publishing is sniffing out the flop-sweat on people who are desperate for attention because they wrote a book.

Here’s a classic example, found on Facebook.

It looks like every other website of this kind:

  • Long scrolling page
  • Center-justified, bolded text.
  • Buy button placed at regular intervals.
  • Absurd promise (who writes a book in 2 days?)
  • Claim to insider knowledge (He worked at a publishing house you guys)
  • Testimonials promising the world
  • Breathless, ad-style prose
  • Injecting FOMO right into your veins.

What’s he really selling? An instruction book and a bunch of add-ons for $27. Which is not the worst price I’ve seen for these (Kindlepreneur, selling what amounted to a list of keywords for $100, Haw Haw!). But it’s snake-oil regardless.

I don’t doubt that the guy has some genuine insight to share. But how many successes has he actually made? There’s “Trevor Who?” whom he works like a rented mule up and down the page. And whoever the testimonials are (I’ve never heard of any of them). But do you really have to have your BS-meters set that strong to let “Write a Book in TWO DAYS that will land you legions of raving fans!” in?

Another thing I notice is that the focus seems to be on becoming an “influencer”, getting on podcasts and gaining temporary status as a a “niche authority”. What this has to do with writing a book, I have no idea. Are books even books anymore, or are they just multi-tiered branding assets?

The secret to book publishing is that authors are lits who don’t know anything about marketing and were docile teacher-pleasers in school who will accept what they’re told if it’s told with enough repetition and authority. They’re hungry for someone to recognize and appreciate their book learning, mindlessly so if they were bullied for it. Heroin addicts have stronger buyers resistance.

My point is, you might maybe get something out of this, but he’s definitely getting something out of you. Caveat emptor.


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