Broadswords and Blasters Gives us “Futures That Never Were”

Planetary Romance and old-school Sci/Fi is enjoying something of a renaissance in the indie publishing world. There is talk of such things as the Pulp Revolution. I support these things. Pulp is a wonderfully engrossing form of entertainment, relying on two things:

  1. Clean, efficient storytelling
  2. Perfect freedom of world-building

If you get the characters and the structure right, you can make up any old thing for your plot, and the audience will buy it. They don’t need anything from you other than a good tight tale with a bad guy overthrown and a hero apotheosized. You can have dinosaurs hunting Great Old Ones with tactical nukes (come to think of it, that sounds awesome) and they’re along for the ride.

So it is with pleasure that I forward the link to Broadswords and Blasters‘ latest creation: Futures That Never Were.

I have a vested interest: one of my stories, The Great Vessel’s Treason, is found within. But it’s a thick tome of tales, all in that Edgar Rice Burroughs vein, so if my story doesn’t work for you, you’ll find a plethora that will. So if indie publishing and pulp are things that you dig, you know what to do. Also, if you do plunk down for a copy, consider leaving a review. Trad authors get reviews whether they want them or not, but indie authors need feedback. Thanks and have a good week!



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