Cry of Argon: Reports from the Grignr Mythos

I mentioned a few weeks back that the infamous Eye of Argon has had some expansion added to it recently. There was Grignyr the Ecordian, a edited re-telling of the original, and there was The Eye of Argon and the Further Adventures of Grignr the Barbarian. Post-holidays, I acquired both. The guy who wrote this… Read More Cry of Argon: Reports from the Grignr Mythos

On Art and Freedom

I subscribe to 32 Poems, which is put out semi-annually. It contains, as promised, 32 poems per issue. They are thematically curated; the Spring/Summer 2022 issue features “32 Stages of American Hunger”. It’s that sort of thing. In said issue, I read a piece I found provocative: Agnes said that painting is not about ideas… Read More On Art and Freedom