Shallow & Pedantic Podcast

A Serious Podcast About Unimportant Things, by the entire UJ creative team, called Shallow & Pedantic for reasons which are obvious, obscure, and ultimately unsatisfactory. Updates Monthly.

Funny, He Doesn't Look Souix-ish Shallow & Pedantic

We chatter like a bunch of fanboys about Mel Brooks, talking about all the movies of his we've seen, which is almost all of them. In the process, we discover the difference between what's brilliant and what's mediocre.
  1. Funny, He Doesn't Look Souix-ish
  2. Cannon Films is Cursed
  3. Huxley's Prophecy, Gibson's Nightmare, L. Ron Hubbard's Bet
  4. Dune and Loving It
  5. Trifles of the King