20 Questions For Theists, Answered

I’m a theist, so I’ll answer them:

Why should it not be? More to the point, isn’t the description “unimaginably large” relative only to humans (and their imagination)? And what’s the point? Under either a materialistic or theistic explanation, the question is irrelevant: ie, the Universe is as big as God or the particular random structure of the initial matter and energy made it.
This seems to be asking “Why does God bother with Matter at all?” which is a subset of “Why did God create the Universe?” Ask Him. Continue reading “20 Questions For Theists, Answered”

Imagine All The People…Liking Better Songs: A Fisking of John Lennon

I hate “Imagine” by John Lennon. Hate it. I hate it’s sappy, maudlin piano riff; I hate it’s  dull, lazy structure. I hate the video featuring Yoko just off to the side like some soul-engulfing gargoyle. I hate the insipid cartoon image of Lennon that packages the song.

What a dork.

But most of all, I hate the lyrics, which paint the picture of the saddest, lamest utopia ever conceived by the mind of man, yet has been transubstantiated into some kind of progressive Sermon on the Mount.

Let’s rip into them, shall we? Continue reading “Imagine All The People…Liking Better Songs: A Fisking of John Lennon”