Bad Catholic Makes Me Laugh.

And then informs me:

It hurts to even mutter the heresy, but Science didn’t spring forth from Richard Dawkins’ ass. Science as a discipline was developed in the High Middle Ages, in the Universities established by the Very Mean Roman Catholic Church. Robert Grosseteste — the bishop of Lincoln — is the first man credited with formalizing the Scientific Method, under the concept of “composition and resolution” using Christian, Islamic and Aristotelean texts. His ideas were translated into the Scientific Method we know (and hopefully love) today by Roger Bacon, a Franciscan friar who used terms like “observation, hypothesis, experimentation, and independent verification”for the first time.

Sound like anti-intellectual dogma yet? Oh don’t cry about it guys. Keep pretending Galileo wasn’t a devout Catholic, it’ll make the facts go away. Oh, and don’t look at the founders of Modern Science. Especially not St. Albertus Magnus, Petrus Peregrinus, Witelo of Silesia, Johannes de Scartobosco, or William of Ockham.

There is nothing more boring than online debates between atheists and theists. The most vitriolic troll-fest between conservatives and progressives, on any web-site, ever, is more fact-based and rational than religious debates. Religious debates are nothing more than assertion and demonization, augmented by the kind of ignorance of history and theology that characterizes twelve-year-olds and the mentally handicapped. If you want proof of this ass ertion, just scroll down to the comments.

Facts, on the other hand, are always welcome.


One thought on “Bad Catholic Makes Me Laugh.

  1. […] My secular upbringing has caused me to look at any form of spirituality with incredulity; I just don’t understand it.  It seems utterly illogical to me how someone can believe something that is not supported by evidence.  I do not mean to be offensive; that is just what I think.  Having said that, Christianity, and its principles, as described in the above video as allowing people to be self-regulating (and therefore autonomous), have spawned immense prosperity.  If you think about it, the practical aspect of Christianity is tied closely to the concept of individualism (i.e. individual rights and individual responsibilities), which I view as a central tenet of conservatism.  That is a concept that is closely tied to natural rights, which is related to the principles on which the United States was founded upon and which caused the United States to become the most powerful country in the world.  It also spawned the scientific method, according to this  (hat tip Andrew J. Patrick). […]


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