So, Life happened.

Black Keys. Work. Baby. Daddy tired. Daddy needs nap. Daddy needs five naps. 1…2…3…4…

At some point I’m going to pull myself out of the stupor and make meh about the Star Wars Trailer(!), but for right now…

not a single bother

Patrick Carney Trolls the Beliebers, Emerges Triumphant.

While strong in reality, appear to be weak; while brave in reality, appear to be cowardly.


I mentioned this the Twit-spat that Justin Bieber started with Black Keys Drummer Patrick Carney the other day. I only marginally cared because I’m a Black Keys fan, and I never intended to pay it further mind. But Patrick Carney has come up with a Sun-Tzu level response to being Twit-mobbed by Beliebers:

Does one argue with an enraged, irrational crowd of cultists? Of course not, because argument has no effect on them; one may as well argue with the tides. What you do is use their fury against them. Bend with the winds, and they pass through you.

If I Look Different, It’s Because the Black Keys Melted My Face

Went to see them at the Verizon Center in DC last night. The Arctic Monkeys opened, and they sounded good enough for me to want to check them out.

The Black Keys, on the other hand, were off the chain. The kind of show that makes you feel like you saw something special, like Zeppelin in their 1972 tour.

I’m going to be writing a review for WHFS’ web site, and I’ll link when I have it up. For now, enjoy this video of “Next Girl”


New Music: Black Keys, Yuck, John Scofield

And when I say New Music, I mean new for me:

El Camino by the Black Keys was a Christmas gift. It sounds pretty good so far, but I’m really still absorbing it. It’s definitely a departure from Brothers, and I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing yet.

Yuck is Magnet’s Album of the Year, and it sounds so 1994 that it hurts. Magnet triangulates it somewhere between Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., but I keep hearing Nada Surf’s first EP.

As for Scofield, I just picked up Uberjam on a whim on Amazon MP3 for $4.99. Can’t beat that.