Content Blues, The Podcast – Episode 3: Poems, Prose and Princes

As promised, a new episode of friendly rambling. I plan what I talk about with these, some notes I want to make, and then I just let the ramble happen. It gives me ideas and let’s me talk out loud about where my thoughts are. This one covers new readings and old movies.

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Poems, Prose, and Princes Content Blues

The new poetry of R. Cam, the old essays of Montaigne, and why Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt is a better film than it has any need to be. 
  1. Poems, Prose, and Princes
  2. 2. Thus Stuffed Zarathustra Funko Pops into The God-Shaped Hole
  3. 1. Absinthe is Delicious

Available on Amazon: The Right of Revolution

This was a short essay I wrote a few years ago and have toyed with either expanding or publishing as-is. I decided upon the latter. It’s basic point, that rebellion is justified according to the prime value of a culture, is to my mind eloquently expressed. There’s obviously a great deal more to say on the subject, and someday I hope to do so.

Starting today, January 13, and for the next 5 days, it’s free to download. Hope you enjoy it.

Upcoming Book, Or Where My Essays Went

Yesterday I mentioned that my Essays page was being discontinued as part of the redesign, and that I would probably publish a book of Essays instead, on my Riposte Publishing imprint. Today, after performing the rote and necessary actions which earn the daily bread, I finally managed to put some work into it.

Truth be told, this is the second time I’ve thought of publishing a self-anthology. My very first CreateSpace project was intended as a gleaning of my old blogs. I was going to call it From the Bowels of the Blogsophere I Stab at Thee, a mix of archaicism and ironic graniloquence that I imagined would bring throngs of people to appreciate my wit. I gave up the idea after wondering if some of the material would not reflect well on my employment.

Right now I’ve got a working title of Cleaning Out the Notebook, but I’m not in love with it (among other things, it’s way too truthful). It’s going to have a few reviews and some fiskings, just for good measure, but I haven’t found that one quote that could double as a title yet. Details will follow.

And hey, if you happen to enjoy reading old Sophists, I already have a book out…

My Essays Page

Some of you may have noticed, next to the “About” page, a link for “Essays.” This is for a handful of long-form, footnoted pieces that I’ve written within the last few years. Most of them were part of my Master’s Degree work.

So I’m not entirely yanking your chain on the “Scholar” thing.

I mean, I'm not this guy, but...