Upcoming Book, Or Where My Essays Went

Yesterday I mentioned that my Essays page was being discontinued as part of the redesign, and that I would probably publish a book of Essays instead, on my Riposte Publishing imprint. Today, after performing the rote and necessary actions which earn the daily bread, I finally managed to put some work into it.

Truth be told, this is the second time I’ve thought of publishing a self-anthology. My very first CreateSpace project was intended as a gleaning of my old blogs. I was going to call it From the Bowels of the Blogsophere I Stab at Thee, a mix of archaicism and ironic graniloquence that I imagined would bring throngs of people to appreciate my wit. I gave up the idea after wondering if some of the material would not reflect well on my employment.

Right now I’ve got a working title of Cleaning Out the Notebook, but I’m not in love with it (among other things, it’s way too truthful). It’s going to have a few reviews and some fiskings, just for good measure, but I haven’t found that one quote that could double as a title yet. Details will follow.

And hey, if you happen to enjoy reading old Sophists, I already have a book out…


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