One Wants a Splash of Color

Yes, every now and then I’m going to refresh the theme of this place. I liked the Chunky Theme: it was uncluttered, and displayed everything in big bold letters. But I felt the need for some brightness, and Chunky was sedate in a turquoise kind of way.

And taking pictures with Instagram is utterly un-Chunky…

So welcome to Esquire. I’ve been eyeing it for some time, but always demurred due to the lack of Page Links. But I can live with displaying them at the bottom, where my Twitter and Category links already were. So anyone desperate to read my About Page and such, that’s where they’ll be. I’m thinking of publishing my Essays in book form anyway.

There’s another change in the works. I’m getting kinda bored with paying attention to the election. Everything’s in horserace mode at this point, and anyone emotionally committed to one candidate or another is probably feeling a bit like the horse. So that leads to weariness and reticence. Scrolling Insty and Memeorandum and Twitter for fodder is easy, but I don’t remember anyone asking for a re-post of what the rest of the Right-o-Sphere is already talking about. Granted, that’s how blogging works, but it doesn’t quite satisfy all the reasons that I do it.

So I’m going to try to put more original content here. I’ve got writing projects moldering around here, and precious little time to do anything. And what is a blog, if not a place to work through the noise in your head.

Obviously I can’t swear off politics; the folly of man, and attempts to undo that folly by expanding the authority of man, is a well running never dry. But It cannot represent the majority of my written works, and if Obama wins, I’m going to need something the break up the apathy and despair.



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