New Content, Old Blues

My goal for this site is to be less of a blog (although it will remain that) and more of a publisher. By which I mean, there will be works published here, for people to read. Right now it’s a free-with-donations-accepted model. I’ve got the first volume of Unnamed Journal up in that way, I’ll… Read More New Content, Old Blues

The Grand Deletion

My initial plan was to make changes to this site subtly, but visual issues with the theme required a new look, and when combined with the scale of the changes I’ve made on social media, that became more appropriate. So, in brief, let me relate what’s happening: My Tumblr blogs are deleted. Every Damn CD… Read More The Grand Deletion


I went on one. I saw mountains and rode with Blackfeet. And I got photographic evidence to answer the eternal question. Bears do, in fact, poop in the woods. More content starting tomorrow.