Your Eyes Don’t Deceive You; We’re Under Construction

Which is to say, we’re adding some features to the site to give Unnamed Journal and other publications a more prominent place on it. Swapping out the theme was part of that. I may or may not change it again. You know me, this place is an experiment.

As of now, both podcasts associated with this website, Shallow & Pedantic and the Content Blues Podcast, have their own dedicated pages. Click the menu button to access.

The plan is also to have access to all issues of Unnamed Journal from the website, offered for free, with donations accepted. I’m going to replace the current Unnamed Journal page with something a bit more streamlined, perhaps a gallery/portfolio page when I figure out how best to make that work. In the new sidebar, you’ll find Gumroad links to all the recent issues.

Additionally, we’re gonna have another portfolio page/pages for my published work, and perhaps one or two free/donation stories.

Updates as events warrant.


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