Content Update and New Shallow & Pedantic Podcast

I mentioned earlier that I was going to to be redesigning the site. The idea is for it to be a content hub as much as a blog. So if you click the button in the top corner, you will see some new pages, for the podcasts I am involved with: Shallow & Pedantic and The Content Blues Podcast.

Eventually I’m going to have pages for back issues of Unnamed Journal, available here to download (free but accepting donations). I’m starting this process, and will make it available from the menu when I have full volumes uploaded. Right now the old UJ page will remain; it’s going to be un-done at some point.

The podcast pages have the podcast feed, which updates automatically when I add a new episode on Spreaker. So I won’t need to embed it in a new post every time there’s a new epsiode; I’ll just direct you there.

In any case, there’s a new Shallow & Pedantic podcast episode, featuring our reactions to the new Denise de Villeneuve Dune. Here’s the Youtube link:


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