Good News Everyone: The Grand Deletion Has Worked

Content Blues has had a better year in 2020 than in any year since its inception. The number of pageviews is up, as is the number of unique visitors. And its done this with relatively fewer actual posts than in previous years. Quality over Quantity has been the goal since The Grand Deletion, and it seems to be paying off. All this new growth has come Since that redesign.

One thing I’ve done is give myself benchmarks for posting. Quality over quantity is all well and good, but the non-updated blog is not read. My benchmark has been 10 posts per month, and so far that seems the right balance in terms of creating something worth reading. This puts me in mind of what Scott Adams talked of in How To Fail At Everything and Still Win Big: System vs. Goals. True, “write 10 blog posts a month” is more like a goal, but as it’s a doable goal, it becomes more easily systematized. Momentum can build.

Another thing I’ve noticed has been a small shift in traffic sources. In years past, I’ve often relied on one big post driving in a bunch of traffic. So far, there have been big traffic-pullers, but the ratio is not as wildly in favor of a single post. So while my Red Letter Media vs. William Shatner post has been a consistent draw, it’s not the only one. That is gratifying.

So while I haven’t quite grown the audience as I want to just yet, but these last few months have show that it’s possible. And I’ve still got three months of 2020 to go.


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