New Content, Old Blues

My goal for this site is to be less of a blog (although it will remain that) and more of a publisher. By which I mean, there will be works published here, for people to read. Right now it’s a free-with-donations-accepted model. I’ve got the first volume of Unnamed Journal up in that way, I’ll soon have the second.

I’ve added a new page now, for Exclusive Content. This will be things I’m only putting up here, not even on Amazon. There are two things there now, one new, one old. You can download and read them free of charge, and throw me a donation if it pleases you.

In other news, we’ll have another issue of UJ out later this month, in all the usual channels. Likewise, an S&P podcast should be recorded this weekend, which means I’ll have it up early next week.

In the meantime, there’s a bonus episode of the S&P podcast, culled from the bits of Last Month’s Dune discussion, available for Patrons. Sign up now and get new issues of UJ with your subscription!


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