A Series of Thoughts on Community

I’m on my seventh or eighth rewatch of this show. It may be the only show from this era I was a fan of that I’m still a fan of (other than Breaking Bad, which I don’t rewatch nearly as much). In many ways it’s an anti-sitcom, that manages to have all the satisfaction a sitcom brings. Anyway, scattered thoughts, in list form:

  • The worst season of Community isn’t the Fourth. It’s the Sixth.
  • The most disappointing season is the Fifth. Fourth Season was full of ideas and possible character arcs that could have been built on. Instead, they set fire to everything and took everyone back to square one. It’s lame.
  • Buzz Hickey is a better character than Pierce Hawthorne. Pierce was the butt of a joke never stated. Buzz was bigger than that.
  • Third Season ends with the strongest overall set of episodes. However, the last episode of that season is the weakest of the many “Series Finales”.
  • The best of the Series Finales is the actual Series Finale.
  • The Law & Order homage in Third Season is absolutely spot-on.
  • Jeff and Britta are a much better couple than Jeff and Annie.
  • The reason you know Troy isn’t actually gay for Abed is not because he dates Britta but because Pierce never once jokes about it.
  • The best “documentary” episode is the one where Dean Pelton films a commercial and loses his mind. This is also the best Dean Pelton-centered episode.
  • Dean Pelton may be a merry pansexual imp, but that doesn’t make him any less of a creep with boundary issues.
  • Troy becoming Messiah of the AC Repair annex is a bigger dropped thread than Britta giving up on being a therapist.
  • What is done to Britta in the final season borders on criminal.
  • Not being able to watch the first DnD episode from Second Season is bullshit so dense it can make its own black hole.
  • The absolute worst episode is the one with the high school bully kids. It’s absolutely unwatchable.
  • The best “secrets revealed” episode is the Fifth Season one with the lie-detector test. The worst is the one from Sixth Season and the email and the bad stand-up comic. The whole schtick is so unbelievably tired.
  • In general, the show fell apart because they refused to allow the characters to grow or change, locking them in the arrested development, when the whole point of the show was characters overcoming that.
  • The movie isn’t going to happen. Which is fine, we don’t actually need it. The finale was a proper good-bye, not only to these characters, but to the whole mis-en-scene the show created. Revisiting it would be worse than the Fifth Season Repilot. The whole point of the finale was “It can be over now.” Let it be over.


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