I’ve Been Sick…

Exploding sinuses, gross phlegm expelling from all parts of my body. And the baby is teething, so I can’t quite get enough sleep.

Surprisingly, she’s not exactly sedate…

So that’s why no blog. You get to that point where you leave work and the last thing you want to do is aggregate the internet for ideas worth commenting on.

It’s the standard sinusitis predicating bronchitis. When I lived in my last apartment, which was a dank swamp in the dark heart of St. Mary’s County, this was a continuous loop: I was practically crushing up Z-packs and mainlining them. I blame my on-again, off-again smoking habit.

Come to where the walking pneumonia is….

Of late, a combination of OTC Claritin and regular sinus rinses had helped me manage the problem. Last week I missed a few pills and didn’t start the washes right away, so now I’m at the bottom of the cycle, all tired and mucinexy.

New content is coming. When I can spare the breath.


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