Ye gods, but election followup is repetitive. Let’s see if there’s anything in this I haven’t heard a thousand times.

1. Negative campaigning works.

It’s always refreshing the way pundits discover this anew every four years.

2. The rules of campaigning have changed.

Except for the fact that negative campaigning still works. Otherwise, Internetz!

3. We’re pretty shallow after all.

Really? You mean teh Intertubes don’t bring about learned, careful consideration of candidates? Wowsers.

4. Iowa’s worshiped “undecideds” are probably just low information voters.

Thank you, Family Guy Episode from 2005.

5. About 75% of the Republican Party still doesn’t want to nominate Mitt Romney.

Odd. Romney’s been so erratic in the polls.

I mean, I basically agree with the take here, but this commits the Journalist’s sin of treating the mundane as novel. If you want a really unique take, try this old post of Ladd Ehlinger’s. Insider stuff, and from where I sit, spot on.

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