Sometimes I think about getting a tat, but I can never come up with a single image I want to see on myself for the rest of my life. It just never seems worth it.

I have never asked anyone what their tatoos mean, because I can’t imagine something so subjective and personal being at all interesting. I suspect that most tattoos that don’t have specific information on them (name of a lover, child’s birth date, military service symbol) to be inked because they look cool. Every other reason is imaginary.

So I can’t imagine getting all worked up about it. Yes, it’s superbly ironic to permanently decorate your body and then resent the attention it brings you. But since I think tattoos are semi-lame, I agree with the call to stop talking about them. Maybe then people will stop getting them in the hope that it will make them more interesting.

This, on the other hand is funny.


  1. What boggles my mind is how people who aren’t even working somehow manage to find money for tattos – and from I hear they’re pretty expensive.

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