My wife mentioned this to me yesterday, and while I could understand what she was telling me, my mind’s eye did not fully grasp the horror of Disney’s Joy Divison T-Shirt (h/t Other McCain):

He's been waiting for a guide to come and take him by the hand.

Pitchfork is aghast:

Uhhhhhhhhh…. Does Disney know that the singer of this band hanged himself?! Do they know where the name “Joy Division” comes from?!

In case you should be confused, the “Joy Division” were the units of Jewish sex slaves at Nazi concetration camps. North Korea also maintains its own such unit to entertain party officials.

I mean, the Walt anti-semitism jokes practially write themselves.

What’s next? Minnie as Sousie Soux? Donald and Daisy as Sid & Nancy? Goofy as Bez from the Happy Mondays?

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