As you may or may not know, I am not all that new to blogging. I’ve been doing it, off and on, since 2003. And yesterday I got the bug up my nose to collect my old dead Blogger blogs into some kind of dead tree format. Blogger has a partnership with an outfit called Blog2Print, which I spent an afternoon gradually reducing Revolutionary Nonsense to a three-volume set.

The editing software has limited functionality and is a chore to work with. Apparently it never occurred to these people that someone wouldn’t want any pictures at all on the covers of their book; although it’s claimed that “pictures are optional” there’s no way to remove the pictures from the covers. You can only replace them with other pictures.

At this point, I might just download the best posts to Microsoft Word and figure out how to do a Dead Tree post on Lulu or something.

Anyone have any suggestions for blog printing?

Written by Andrew

I write and publish things with the speed of a hare and the determination of a tortoise. I am building it; it will come.

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