She’s a Buddhist, which is to say, an apostate, which would also deny her communion.


She walked into St. John Neumann Church in Gaithersburg with the intention of causing trouble. When Fr. Guarnizo tried to explain to her that he could not give her communion unless she went to confession, Johnson’s lover checked the priest. The Catholic Church does not teach that homosexuality is a sin, only homosexual acts. Johnson did not introduce her companion as a friend, or even as a girlfriend — she specifically called her a “lover” (the devil is a theologian). She referred to the act itself, probably knowing that it would put Fr. Guarnizo in a difficult position. When he tried to talk to her, his way was blocked.

So it would appear that the “victim” of the story staged an act of political theater, with no purpose other than to embarrass a religion she has freely abandoned. My sympathy has vanished.


  1. So what they want is just to try to make the church look bad. Wonderful. Seriously, if you don’t like her teachings of not having homosex, either leave it or cope with it, however it’s true if the church keeps medling with LGBT rights, it’s gonna be bad.

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