The hangdog in me would like to roll my eyes at Stacy McCain for his outbursts and general drama-queenery about BlogCon. Looked at from my point of view, Stacy needs to get over not being the popular girl.

This isn’t my first blog; It’s my fifth. I have never gotten a million hits; I’ve never gotten 100,000 hits. I’m pleased as punch to get over 1,000 unique hits in a month. I don’t get anything from the tip jar, because I don’t even have one. So to read a guy, who enjoys success I likely never will, whine that he does not enjoy more does not sit well.

But then I remember that this isn’t my first blog. It’s my fifth.

I’ve been blogging since 2003. I’ve killed blogs dead, revived them, renamed them, linked, joined link communities, hat-tipped, and gotten bupkis for my trouble. I know those long dark minutes spent staring at your screen, wondering “what the hell’s the point?”

Blog fatigue is a monster, the equivalent of Churchill’s “black dog,” an enemy that grinds your face in the very anonymity and independence that makes blogging so fascinating in the first place. So Stacy’s entitled to his moment of low spirits. We’re none of us rewarded as we would wish.

So Stacy: keep calm and carry on, old sport. I just put a small pop in your tip jar. Not much, as I too have the State of Maryland to fend with. Enough to buy you a tall cold one to drown your troubles.


      1. I am following most of Stacy’s rules (since I am a “lady” I do not put up as much cheesecake as Wombat does). Some shameless blog-whorring on my part does increase hits. Keep it up. I think this post is pretty funny.

  1. I pretty much stopped blogging in late December of last year, after my wife died unexpectedly. I barely functioned for a month; in February I started commenting again at pw under a new moniker, but just barely. Now it’s late March, and I’ve managed a few new posts, but I’ll never again match my post-a-day rate; it’s just not in me anymore.

    While I was gone, the sitemeter turned over 500K hits, and I still average some 350 hits per day from old posts. Meh. I always looked at blogging as a personal relief valve of sorts, and was surprised when anyone actually *read* the crap. But there it sits.

    RSM can fashion a great post, and now has a decent community thing going on (but Discus sucks, really, and I like to avoid using his forum for that reason). Tabitha Hale? Who? I’m sure she’s good at what she does, but in my line of work she’d be titled ‘Administrative Assistant’, because I’ve never seen a blog post she’s written that is stand-alone good.

    Now, JeffG can write. That’s what I appreciate, as a writing style, and I suppose reading his posts for so many years has spoiled me. There’s not so many else who I could read on such a regular basis.


    1. I was sorry to hear about your wife, and also (though perhaps not equally) sorry to not see you as much around Protein Wisdom. Once or twice on my old blog I turned one of your comments into an entire post.

      For me, no matter how many times I abandon this, I find that I need the outlet — or release valve, as you put it. Since I moved over to WordPress from Blogger, my hits have quadrupled, from 250 hits a month to around 1,000. Stacy’s been a big part of that, too. I may never get Instalanched, but making the FMJRA sidebar now and then is quite the improvement.

      I got into a minor slap-fight with Hale during the congressional contraceptive testimony kerfuffle. She called me obtuse twice when I questioned her focus on the optics instead of the message, then gave me the “Good Day, Sir!” I walked away amused but unimpressed.

      Jeff can write, all right. I’ve always thought he should expend his energies on a novel of some kind. I find Protein Wisdom kind of hard to read these days, so total is the gloom.

      I hope things are better for you.

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