Maryland has been run by an oligarchy of high-minded swine since at least 1655, when a band of scurrilous Puritan rebels defeated the forces of Lord Baltimore at the Battle of the Severn. Today, Maryland is more or less a wholly owned subsidiary of the federal government. I mean that in the literal sense; the demographic weight of the state sits along the I-95 corridor between DC and Baltimore, and the vast majority of those between Prince George’s and Baltimore County work for the federal government. They don’t vote Democratic, they breathe Democratic.

All of which made yesterday both significant and meaningless. Significant because for the first time I can recall, the Maryland primary was actually contested, and not a rubber stamp on the pre-nominee’s victory. Meaningless because: it’s Maryland, Gateway to the Northeast, and the mass of the GOP minority here was in Romney’s pocket from the beginning.

I was picking up Chinese food last night and got spotted with my “I voted” sticker by a Ron Paul voter. We chatted a bit, friendly-like, and both came to a happy conclusion: that Romney marks the return of the Rockefeller Republican. And here in the Northeast, Rockefeller’s ghost, the 1964 might-have-been, still clatters about, shaking his chains, always threatening the Democrat kleptocracies, and never harming them.

Thus, the truth of fellow Marylander Stacy McCain’s lament:

Of course, Maryland is a very liberal state and, as such, is considered a shoo-in for the former governor of Massachusetts, so Mitt Romney will pick up 37 delegates in a state he’s got zero chance of winning in November. Because he’s inevitable! And electable!

Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

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