…and no one cares.

Okay, Fletch was funny. Caddyshack was kinda funny. The Vacation series was okay-funny. First-season SNL must have been funny (I was 1 at the time).

Everything else Chevy Chase has done is unwatchable crap. Weak, tired, and unfunny. Chevy Chase could have sucked the life out of Ghostbusters.

Get it?

So Chevy Chase should be grateful that someone thought of digging up the mouldering corpse of his career and letting it zombie around on a network sitcom, even one as low-rated as Community. A whole new generation of fans could have been made, and he could have had a graceful final curtain. No one watches Community because of Chevy Chase; people happen to see Chevy Chase because he’s on Community.

Is he funny on Community? Sure. Which is to say, he doesn’t suck. He plays crochety old-man part, and it works well enough. But it’s not like it’s a role that only Chevy Chase could play. I suspect he was brought on as a fillip to get NBC to sign off, like Alec Guiness was for Star Wars. He’s hardly the lynchpin of the show.

But since Chevy Chase seems to think that he’s the God of Comedy, sitcoms are beneath him. So he’s decided to be difficult to the last man in Hollywood who wants to give him a job. Which would be bad enough, if Chase did not have a history of being “difficult”. There’s two kinds of “difficult”: the kind that comes of frustration at dealing with the commonplace masses, and the kind that comes of Pretending you had that frustration. I do not know which Chase suffers from. But I do know that suffers is the word.

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