Star Wars Day is a Good Day to Slag George Lucas Once More…

I finally got around to seeing “The People Vs. George Lucas” and found the nerd-rage satisfying.

But this has never been about nerd-rage for me. I don’t accuse George Lucas of raping my childhood. Bill Corbett (of MST3K fame) has it right in this tweet:

The average Star Wars fan has put 7000 times more thought into the story than Lucas ever has.

— BillCorbett (@BillCorbett) May 4, 2012


For nerds, nothing is ever really right. Given the fever-pitch of anticipation for The Phantom Menace (a name I never had a problem with, to be honest), I somewhat doubt if even a film as good as Return of the Jedi would have been awesome enough. So the prequels are unwatchable, derivative crap, so what? I don’t have to watch them ever again.

Rather, this has always been about Lucas’ deliberate destruction of his own art. He is killing what has made him. With the cruel coldness of a MiniTruth memory-holer, he is taking away what we all liked, and replacing it with an ersatz version that sticks in the throat. He’s on record as saying that in 30-40 years all our copies of the original-release of the OT will be degraded and unwatchable, and we’ll have to sit through his “true” version. I find that infinitely more offensive than Jar-Jar Binks or Vader’s silly scream at the end of Revenge of the Sith.

But I am unbowed. If worse comes to worse, I can always shell out for Laserdisc.


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