In prompting Stacy McCain to (legitimately) wave the bloody shirt, Certified Super-Genius Brett Kimberlin has cause the whole Right-o-Sphere to pay attention to him. Instapundit and Michelle Malkin are aggregating. There’s a Kimberlin-related iceberg sitting atop Memeorandum.

Satisfying as this all is, we should remember why this matters. Brett Kimberlin isn’t just a scumbag, isn’t just a lying convict with blood on his hands who manipulates the legal system to silence those with whom he disagrees. That would be bad enough. But Brett Kimberlin is a lying, bloody-handed convict fascist scumbag — on behalf of Barbara Streisand, George Soros, and Teresa Heinz-Kerry, who fund his non-profits.

He is the proud, beautiful son of the political class: everything Lenin or Alinsky or Che would clap ’round the shoulders and call “brother.”

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