The Fundamental Weakness of Barak Obama

I didn’t know, until this year, that Obama:

  • ate dog
  • snorted “a little blow”
  • came from a line of polygamists
  • had claimed to be born in Kenya in the first draft of his autobiography

That’s a problem for Obama. Not because it denies him my vote; such was never going to be his anyway. But these are things that the public should already know. They should have come out in 2008, so they would be old news now. Instead, we’re hearing about them now.

The advantage of being the incumbent lies in being a known quantity. The incumbent’s dirty secrets and questionable decisions are already out, and demonstrably unimportant, as he was elected anyway. But when the incumbent has been protected from vetting by a compliant media, then those boils are still sitting there, ready to pop.

Whereas Mitt Romney’s long primary campaign has “vetted the hell out of him.” We know about Bain Capital because Gingrich brought it up. We know about his flip-flop on abortion, because John McCain brought it up in 2008. We know about RomneyCare. It’s all old news.

And that’s why, as Powerline and others have noticed, that Romney can be a ” a top-notch counterpuncher” (h/t: Instapundit). It’s not just that Romney, unlike McCain, has no illusions that the media is going to dig into Obama’s past for him. Romney also knows Obama has soft spots no one’s hit before. And every time Romney hits one of those soft spots, someone else can say “You know, I didn’t know that when I voted for Obama last time…”

It never gets old.

2 thoughts on “The Fundamental Weakness of Barak Obama

  • Wow- really? Let’s see…

    He admitted to using cocaine in his youth (smoething millions of americans have done), and to eating dog on one occassion when it was fed to him when he visited Indomesia as a child…not recently but way back in 1995. And at least he admitted his past coaine use, unlike George W Bush. And of course lets not forget George HW Bush and Reagan helping move cocaine for the contras as part of the Iran-Contra affair which violated numerous US and International laws.

    Polygamy? of course that is one thing both he and Mitt Tomney’s family histories have in common.

    And ffs. Please check your facts. Obama had nothing to do with the “bio” you reference- one used within the industry by his publisher, one which was not based on anything he told them, and one which he never saw. And never mind that well over a year before the bio was first printed he was identified in the major press as having been born in Hawaii.

  • Yes. Really. Pretending to intellectual superiority with such tired sarcasms is a tedious exercise.

    You missed the point entirely. These details are relevant NOW because the media and John McCain ignored them in 2008 — they were already admitted, sure, but they did not receive the full-court press that say, George Bush’s DUI did in 2000. Which means that to the voter who hasn’t heard it before, it’s news to him, and Romney is making use of that fact.

    Your dull snark about polygamy proves my point. The Obama campaign was all ready to talk up the polygamy of Romney’s great-grandfather, until the Romney campaign indicated that it was more than willing to compare that to Obama’s own father. Suddenly the issue vanished, as did Romney’s dog-on-the-roof story when Obama’s dog-dining was mentioned.

    That the bio in his autobio was created by someone else matters not a whit. What does matter is that Romney can deflect the demand to denounce, say Donald Trump for his Birtherism on the grounds that Obama’s own literary agent seemed to be a Birther. The long and short of it is that Romney is ready to exploit the things about Obama that have not received the full attention of the media.

    You can argue the relevance of these facts to his performance as President. And you may have a point. But you and I both know that presidential contest are not always decided by such arguments. The more the public gets the idea that the President they have in 2012 is not the one they thought they were voting for in 2008, the more precarious that President’s position becomes.


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