George Lucas Takes His Ball and Goes Home…

…thus subjecting his Marin County neighbors to the kind of treatment that Star Wars fans have become accustomed to:

Uber-liberal* George Lucas, thwarted in his plans to build a film studio on his 6,0000 acre ranch in Marin County, announces that he’s selling the whole place to a developer of low-income housing. His liberal neighbors go nuts.

I suppose I should tut-tut at Lucas for doing this, as there’s more than a degree of pettiness here. But it’s well-earned. I lived in Marin County for three years as a military brat, and there is no more smug, self-righteous collection of bobos anywhere on God’s earth. They could have had a film studio in their community, but they didn’t want to let their neighbor dispose of his property as he sees fit. Now they get to rub elbows with the Great Unwashed that they champion while keeping at arms length. They deserve it.

So I’m with George on this one.

I’m afraid the trailer park will be quite operational when your guests arrive…


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