Milton Friedman Remembered

Over at A Checquerboard of Nights and Days, one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard about the man Proggies love to pretend they can refute:

As I have written before, former Secretary of State George Shultz liked to say that “everyone likes to debate Milton . . . when he leaves the room.”

I always knew I liked George Schultz for a reason.

And in from the article linked, this excellent summation of the man’s work:

Milton Friedman combined soaring academic credentials with a remarkable virtuosity at explaining to the public why free markets are economically and ethically superior to even well-intentioned government plans and regulations. He was throughout his long life and career a special target of those who would preserve what he and his wife, Rose, called “the tyranny of the status quo.” This status quo consists of interest groups, bureaucrats and politicians who—with help from cheerleaders in the media and the academy—use government to enlarge their own pocketbooks and to stroke their own egos, all at the expense of the general public.

In. Deed.


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