Romney’s Veep is Going to Be Boring

Unlike Stacy McCain or Bob Belvedere, I am not enough of an insider-politics kind of guy to follow the buzz and make educated guesses. I don’t know who’s going to get picked. So what follows is merely the emanations of feelings in my gut.

And to be treated as such.

So let’s look at the kind of guy Mitt Romney is. He’s a business guy. He’s managerial. He’s serious. He’s sober. He plans and works and works and plans. Which is to say, he does not fly by the seat of his pants, determinedly believing that he will not go down in flames, this time, as a certain maverick senator who shall not be named does.

He does not want his running mate to overshadow him, to become the story. He does not want to have someone he has to keep an eye on. He wants an asset he can draw from when needed, and which will stay in its glass case when not.

So regardless of who Romney picks, that person is not going to be exciting. That person will understand the role of the Veep candidate — and that of the Vice Presidency — is that of a very junior partner. It doesn’t matter how right-wing the person initially seems to be. The running mate could be “hooker’s-lipstick-red”, as Ace of Spades might put it, but perfectly willing to march to the beat of Romney’s drum machine. Because Romney wants to sell himself.

Whether he’ll be able to do that is a whole other story.

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