Did the KGB Kill JFK?

I’ve been saying this for years. It makes more sense than the CIA, because, despite what anyone would have us believe, JFK was not about to stand down in Vietnam. He may not have done everything the way LBJ did it, but there’s nothing to suggest that JFK was going to withdraw the nearly 16,000 military advisers he placed there in the thousand days of his presidency.

So the CIA had means but no motive. The KGB, on the other hand, could quite easily have put a couple of guys in-country, and then snuck them out while a stooge took the fall. Castro, whom the CIA had been trying to whack for years, could have had a hand in as well.

A new author thinks so, too.

The young American was agitated, increasingly emotional, and had laid a loaded gun on the table. The Soviet Union must grant him a visa as soon as possible, he pleaded. His life was being made intolerable by FBI surveillance and he, a dedicated communist, wished to return to the arms of Mother Russia.

One of the three Soviet diplomats present took the gun and unloaded it before returning it to its owner. There would be no visa in the near future, he explained calmly. Dejected, the American gathered up his documents and departed the Soviet consulate, bound not for his previous home in New Orleans, but Dallas. It was Mexico City, Saturday, September 28 1963, and the man wanting the visa was Lee Harvey Oswald. Fifty-five days later, he would assassinate John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the United States.

Read the Whole Thing.


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