Superman to Become a Blogger, and Thereby More Interesting.

This might could change the Superman Universe. No, I’m not kidding.

A few months ago, in a post devoted to the lameness of Gaying Out Green Lantern, I said this about Superman:

Superman is God in a fancy outfit. Superman can fly, shoot heat from his eyes, blow cold from his mouth, survive a nuclear blast, and see through anything except lead. The idea that such person can be held in check by a corrupt Moriarty-type staggers all reason. It’s boring, and so is Superman.

So why does the image of Clark Kent, hunched over a keyboard, scrolling through newsfeeds, laughing at memes, make any difference? Because it means Superman might actually have something to say.

Clark Kent the cub reporter is a cover. It’s a job. It’s a way to blend in. It’s exactly what Bill says it is:

Blogging is different, because blogging is voluntary. It’s only done by those who have a point of view they’re willing to share without the prospect of monetary reward. So it gives Superman an intellectual task, instead of simply a heroic one. And, however inoffensive that point of view ends up being, it cannot but add to the experience of reading the book.


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