I Write About the Rolling Stones

One of the things I had in mind for this blog was a combination of my politics blog, Revolutionary Nonsense, with my music blog, Genre Confusion, mostly because writing two blogs was exhausting. And while my political writings shifted over here with ease, the music criticism hasn’t. Genre Confusion was about a lot of things (hatred of trendies and their trendy music mags, pointing out the iterations of the music-industry double-helix), but the major project was called Rating My CD’s: a review of every last disc in my collection, by genre, alphabetically, and by release date. Which is to say, I start with a group of basic rock discs (as oppose to Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, Punk & Metal), and I review the Beatles before Johnny Cash, and I do Rubber Soul before Revolver. I managed about 50 of these before Genre Confusion got folded. You can check the noise out here.

Since the move, I’ve managed to review the following:

In that last one, I promised “Next week, the Rolling Stones.” That was in April of 2012. So, Yeah.

Whatever. Check this space for a lot of rambling about the World’s Oldest Rock n’ Roll Band. I’ve got a few Stones CD’s, so this could take a while. What’s a week, anyway? It’s not like the Stones are going anywhere.

Men this old have no business making a song this good.

(Yeah, I changed the theme again. The other one shrunk the blog posts too much.)


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