Self-Hating Honkies and the War on Easter

Apparently referring to Easter by name is an offense to those who are not Christian. I should like to find a logic to this that is not racist at root. But I can’t:

  1. If even the mention of Easter is offensive, then non-christians must be kept in a protective bubble from any knowledge that anything called “Easter” exists and is celebrated by Christians. Because they cannot be expected to tolerate such a thing, because . . . they don’t have to.
  2. “Diversity” is an essential component of a pluralistic society, and we must strive to respect the traditions of everyone. Except the traditions of the dominant culture, because they are objectively evil, because, white people.

Elizabeth Price Foley, writing at Instapundit:

Funny how those who cry the loudest about preserving and loudly celebrating various cultures– in the name of “diversity”– are always the first to condemn mention of all things Christian, Western, or (gasp) white.

They’ve been honkified by the fanatic disciples of egalitarianism, who are busy in other areas as well.

One thought on “Self-Hating Honkies and the War on Easter


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