Iowahawk  and Lisa DiPasquale echo Ben Howe in making a basic point that we have not yet internalized:

So, to paraphrase Ben Howe’s point, if you want to make a good conservative movie, first, make a good movie. The same rule applies to humor: funny first, politics second. When it comes to gauging the impact of a satire bit, 100 praises or retweets from fellow conservatives aren’t as valuable as a single grudging “I hate your stupid wingnut politics, but I laughed.”

We don’t do this, because we don’t study the arts, and we don’t study the arts because we think them namby-pamby careers. Because artists are overwhelmingly progressive, conservatives don’t want to study the arts.

We need to get over this.

One comment

  1. Then again… Australia’s film ‘industry’ is larded to the back teeth with degree-toting filmmakers. And year after year they make movies that only their mothers will see – and even they have to be bound and sedated.

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