When I Drink Whiskey, I Drink Whiskey

Amusing post by the Washington Free Beacon about Why You’re Drinking Whiskey Wrong. What caught my attention was the last bit:

8. It’s fine to shoot flavored whiskey.

If the owner of a whiskey bar thinks it’s OK to take shots of Fireball and honey whiskey, it’s probably OK. “I’m not going to sit with it on the rocks, but it’s just fun to shoot,” Simoneau says.

Look, to each his own and all that. But if you’re shooting these and I catch you do it I’m going to mock you mercilessly and we might stop being friends. You’re not in college any more. Act like a f—ing grownup.

I’m in no position to cast stones, at least insofar as my college years go. I used to mix creme de menthe and milk for God’s sake. I might as well have had footie pajamas on.

Some liquors are meant for mixing. Rum, certainly, and vodka. But whiskey is meant to be enjoyed as whiskey. Cinnamon whiskey is for noobs. Honey whiskey is for teenage noobs. If you want all your alcoholic beverages to taste like candy, there’s a million varieties of marshmallow vodka to appeal to your stunted taste. Stop ruining perfectly good whiskey.


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