Feral Labortards II: before there was outrage, there was hubris.

A reminder from the Great South Land that all political victories are temporary and contingent.

The mind is an unexplored country.

Labor smashed. Seats made marginal if not lost outright.

The Greens likewise losing favour with the voters.

This is not the world the leftwits planned to inherit. As the following predictions show, Kevin Rudd’s victory in 2007 warped their vision of the future somewhat.

Tim Blair unearths Steve Biddulph’s picture of Green Socialist Utopia:

By 2014, we will have a struggle between a new left and right – Labor and Green – and the issue will be simply how green, how to balance the need for a much simpler and more communal kind of life, with the need to give people comfort and amenity now. This issue will continue to define life for the rest of this century… In a way that seems unthinkable to us now, 2007 may mark the end of the Liberal Party itself. It won’t happen overnight, but just watch it happen.

A Great South Land devoid…

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