Poor Gun Controllers: They Just Can’t Help Themselves

Every time this happens, the gun controllers seize the commanding heights of moral authority. “Can we finally now do something to stop the violence?” They say. Can we finally pass “sensible,” “reasonable,” gun laws? How many more have to die?

So they rush out to fill the void of knowledge with wishcasting and devil-chasing, because they know that mass killers are NRA-types who have been to one too many Tea Party rallies. Who kill with AR-15’s.


All of the mass shootings of the Obama era were committed by persons with deep and grave psychological disorders. Mass shootings must be the work of the mentally ill. Who else would do it? But everytime, we have to pretend that it is the tool that matters and not the mind that puts the tool to use. Meanwhile, literally millions of so-called assault weapons sit in homes without ever once being used to harm others.

So settle in folks, we’ve seen this movie.

2 thoughts on “Poor Gun Controllers: They Just Can’t Help Themselves

  1. They do not understand the basics: An armed society is a polite and safe society for the law abiding.
    Instead of restricting guns, we should be requiring their possession and proper training.


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