Are We Still Screaming About the Hugos?

I consider myself an author at least 20% of the time (and therein lies the problem, of course). But I can’t find myself giving a moldy dog dropping about the Hugos. I don’t even imagine, in my wildest fantasies, winning one. I think of industry/creative awards in much the same way I think of government: something regrettably necessary, which I desire to have as little to do with as possible.

But it wouldn’t be the modern age if we didn’t have the cultural left politicizing something and then lamenting how politicized it’s become, obstinately unaware of their contribution to that phenomenon, so now the Hugos are something about which the great ideological divide will now squabble like dogs in a boneyard.

According to Hoyt has a fine rundown of the deep lack of self-reflection the SJW’s bring to this, as they bring to everything else, entitled The Goat Kicks Back. I invite you to read it, and reflect on how no one moaning about those awful awful puppies will be intellectually capable of listening.

It’s very simple: when you grant yourself exclusive rights to blow condemnation and bellow dudgeon, people will see through it, and they will cease to take you seriously. When you expend that much energy telling people they’re the enemy, eventually they’re going to believe you. And they’ll act accordingly.

And you can shout yourself hoarse that it’s because they hatez teh wimmins, and teh gheys, and teh darkees, but you’ll convince no one who isn’t already one of your number. Because in order to believe that, someone would have to already be convinced that dissent from crit theory is the same as bigotry. Which is not as axiomatic a proposition as some would believe.

They’re not rejecting people of different races and genders, Social Justice Worriers. They’re just rejecting you.


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