For Everyone Who Wants to Know “Why Trump?”

This is Why Trump –Buzzfeed: “All You Americans Are Fired.”

At the same time, companies across the country in a variety of industries have made it all but impossible for U.S. workers to learn about job openings that they are supposed to be given first crack at. When workers do find out, they are discouraged from applying. And if, against all odds, Americans actually get hired, they often are treated worse and paid less than foreign workers doing the same job, in order to drive the Americans to quit. Sometimes, as the government alleged happened at Hamilton Growers, employers comply with regulations by hiring Americans only to fire them en masse and hand over the work to foreign workers with H-2 visas.

This does not constitute and endorsement of Trump, merely an explanation of what Trump is tapping into. It’s a pretty fair article, too – gives the companies a chance to respond to allegations, etc. – better than I would have expected from Buzzfeed.

I look forward to everyone saying how Buzzfeed is racist.


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