Roger Ebert’s Hilariously Vicious Bad Reviews, and How to Survive Them

You’ll read these for the reason they are making their way ’round the internets: bad reviews are themselves a form of entertainment, and a necessary corrective to the fear that we are drowning in the swill that pop culture produces. It is thus both pleasing and useful to announce to the heavens that The Love Guru was crap.

Every reference to a human sex organ or process of defecation is not automatically funny simply because it is naughty, but Myers seems to labor under that delusion.

But suppose you were a creator of one of those failures? How would you respond to having your labors set on fire for the edification of others? Let us not forget, up until Love Guru, Mike Myers was an in-demand comedic actor and widely considered to be funny.

Ebert’s review of the 1994 film North (“I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. Hated it”) stung it’s screenwriter (and author of the novella upon which it was based), Alan Zweibel, rather hard. The MentalFloss listicle mentions that Zweibel had the opportunity to confront Ebert in a men’s room some years later. Fearing the worst expression of critic-directed creator-rage, I clicked the link.

You should, too. Zweibel demonstrates the value of philosophy and the virtue of good humor, and the story ends in the best possible way. If the highbrow New Yorker editors could have come up with a less wearisomely obvious headline than “Roger and Me”, it would have been perfect. Read it anyway.


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