A St. Patrick’s Day Poem by Jim Brennan

I had the opportunity to meet Jim a few years ago at a reading in a pub. I bought a copy of his collection, After Work, which he signed to “the American who looks like a Paddy” (guilty – I’ve practically the map of Ireland painted on my face). Normally I quote Yeats this day, but Yeats has been dead a few years. New Blood enlivens.

Anyway, here’s “Crucifixion – M.S.J. Roscrea”

Here’s to Bro Peter’s corner
Of the world
With broken pieces
Old thrown out clothes
Cardboard faces
He praises God.
And turns over to us
The things that we find hard
To understand
His right hand nailed
His left hand also
Both feet
With a fertiliser bag
His wrapping cloth
Here in Bro Peter’s world
He is
Collecting everybody’s
Lost dreams
And broken hearts.

You can find After Work on Amazon. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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