Why Oddballs Like Authoritarianism – And Why They Shouldn’t

Our first experience of belonging (or not, for some) is of a family.  And even in dysfunctional families, the parental authority, if it’s worth anything enforces the “he/she is weird, but he/she is ours.” In school, also, for the truly odd kid, the teacher and the supervising assistant, or whatever, are the ones who intervene to stop abuse by peers.

So at the back of the mind of a lot of oddlings — no matter how or what makes you odd — is the idea that a benevolent dictator could MAKE others accept you.  That you could fit in.

I completely understand the radicalization of minorities.

via Belonging — The Great Divorce a Blast from the Past From September 2015 — According To Hoyt

Oddly, I never got the idea in all of my bullied days that a more active, benevolent authority would have helped me. What I absorbed from my school days was that school officials were well-meaning and helpless. The official rules of the school were impossible to enforce in their entirety; there were simply too many violations. So the appearance of order was the goal. The bottom of the social hierarchy had simply to get through the day as best they could.

Just remember, bootlegging didn’t stop in Chicago just because Capone went to prison.

Anyway, Read the whole thing.



6 thoughts on “Why Oddballs Like Authoritarianism – And Why They Shouldn’t

  1. They may have shot themselves in the foot with all the screwing around with the rules in school– I was more likely to view the authorities as possible bullies until they proved themselves different!

    Mostly hopped over because I saw the link and wanted to know if “Why oddballs like authoritarianism, and why they oughtn’t” sounded more musical to you.

      1. Sounds like you’re in your head too much about it.
        Sometimes you just need to get to the end. Revise later and discard, or move on to the next one.

      2. *laughs* I just got the band together, and that’s the furthest I’ve gotten yet.

        Just need to find my Copious Free Time and get to work. 😉


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